Brandy Glasses – Set of 4


  • 🍇 BRANDY SNIFTER: Enhance the experience of tasting full grape spirits in a luxury set. Delight your senses in a classy way with these modern glasses!
  • 🍷 BEAUTIFUL SHAPE: Enjoy your best brandy cocktails with style and refinement. Perfect size and short stem to aerate and drink it neat or mixed.
  • 🍾 ELEGANT DESIGN: Let the spirit settle for a bit in the glass, hold the snifter in your palm to warm the brandy and release all the aromas.
  • 🌎 LONG LASTING GLASS: Made of ecological lead-free glass, this brandy set is completely dishwasher safe to give you countless times of celebration.
  • 🎁 GREAT GIFT SET: Beautiful and stylish box design to make your anniversary or wedding memorable. It can be used for glass storage as well.


Brandies can be enjoyed in many different ways, the classic way to enjoy it is in a brandy snifter. This shape lets the drinker to hold the glass and warm the brandy with their hands to release all the aromas. No matter if you drink it in a cocktail or on the rocks, a little brandy knowledge, and the right glass enhance the experience.
We had a dream about luxury, elegance, design, and distinction at the time of enjoying a drink.

This is how Dobaccio was born, a brand that searches the greatest delight of your senses through the creation of crystal glasses. With our Dobaccio Brandy Glasses, you will take pleasure in a full liquor.

Enjoy your Drink!

  • Classy design: Wide-bowled, curvy snifters with short stems were designed specifically for drinking brandy neat. This shape was made for concentrating their gentle nuances of bouquet and deliver the required intensity
  • Keeps the aroma:  The tapered mouth of a Dobaccio brandy glass lets the drinker capture the depth and aroma of the liquor. Connoisseurs always appreciate a design that optimizes their experience
  • Sturdy and durable: Made of real glass with a solid structure. You can feel the comfort and firmness in your hands without the concern of breaking it because of its fragility

Crystal Clear Lead-Free Glass!

  • Lead free glass: We care for the best experience and eliminates lead content from the crystal glass composition.
  • Luxurious Clear Glass: Our detailed shape and crystal clarity provides a truly luxurious feel. Neat or combined with other liquors, delight your senses with a brandy cocktail served with an aromatic garnish.
  • Perfect size (340 ml / 11.5 oz.): After a long and tired day after work, 11.5 oz. of your favorite brandy is all you deserve to end your day in a happy way.
  • Dishwasher Safe: Forget about scratches and easy shatter, just put it in the dishwasher and enjoy years of use and sturdiness

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