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Summer Food: Squash Casserole

The butternut squash has been featured before on this blog, in the very famous, but elaborate recipe about the butternut squash ravioli. I just quote from that blog the few words about the humble star of the dish. Butternut squash (Cucurbita moschata), also known in Australia as Butternut pumpkin, is a type of winter squash. It has a sweet, nutty taste that is similar to pumpkin or sweet potato. It has yellow skin and orange fleshy pulp. When ripe, it turns increasingly deep orange, and becomes sweeter and richer. It grows on a vine.

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Making Coffee… Again

So there is one more post on this great blog, that is about coffee. For the relative new readers, I had a view (three to be precise) posts in the past. That ‘s actually one of the main reason for starting up the blog. People did not know how to make coffee properly. My last posts were:

And n...

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Spices and Herbs: Storage and handling

Spices and herbs is the spirit of every food. The common ingredients of the dish can be elevated and can actually take you to new places. Some curry mix will take you to India, ginger and sesame will travel you to China. Oregano and thyme will take you to Greece. All spice (bahar) will take you to Turkey. However as is true for most ingredients, proper handling and storage is not just crucial, but fundamental to gain access to the full spectrum of the flavors that are the spices. In this post, which is a purely technical post I will describe the basic of storing and handling the spices and herbs.

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A Tour in My Kitchen

I am going to start of this month by paying tribute to the one thing that I love the most. As you probably picked up already, it is the kitchen, the place where I cook most of those recipes I post here. It has served my as experimental space for the whole time I ‘ve been here. The people who know me have heard me complaining many times about the size, and the discomfort it causes every time I tried to cook something that involves more than one pot or more than a pot and a cutting board. But you know… It is functional and I love to hate it. It is small but I don ‘t have to travel a lot around. I just sit in the middle and I can each everything pretty easy. 


That is pretty m...

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