It’s been a while

The last post on this blog (before this oneI mean) was posted in March 18th 2015 and it was a cocktail (A Tsikoudia Cocktail: Bloddy Mario). Since then two years went by without any posts or updates. As a matter of fact the website went down for months before I figured out that there was a problem. Why? Well life happened. My job became much more demanding and the time required for the updates is not there any more. A recipe takes pretty much the whole day just to make it and shoot it. After that it is all the writing and editing. It is a two full days of work. Sharing my time between Boston, where I work, and New york, where my wife lives (yes! I also got married) really leaves not time for new recipes.

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Site Upgrade

The site for me is not just about the food. It represented another hobby of mine, the website development. I am hobbyist with small knowledge of programming, but the site gives me the opportunity to be up-to-date with all the new trends. I recently had some time to jump in the wagon of recipe-ing my blog. Making an easy to print, easy to read recipe condensed in a small recipe card. I am also very pleased to announce another great addition to my website: the integration of the amazing features of kitchen bug. What is kitchenbug? Watch the following video for the introduction.

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One more major update

The blog over the years has evolved and changed many times. Different hosts, platforms and focus. Now as we finish 2013 I finally completely one of the most daunting task: migrating the site to brand new host running on brand new platform. I decided to do that to get away from software binding publishing platforms. I started playing around with WordPress around this time and in July the transition was finally over. After that the optimization of the site with widgets and plugins took a few for months. This came complete with social media integration and fan pages. Some recipes were published also in the meantime and I moved. Fourth house since I start blogging. The first recipe will also come soon!


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Another Milstone, Another Celebration

This blog has a lot to celebrate this month. Only a few weeks ago we celebrate the 5 year anniversary. Just yesterday, we fully transferred all the material from the previous blog tot he new. 95 recipes and ideas in food and cooking. Yes 95! That means that soon enough we will cross the barrier of the 100 recipes. In five years of life, with our problems and struggles I was able to get 100 recipes, ideas or just thoughts on food. At the same time, I was able to share some tool and dinning experiences. Know as I look the next five posts needed to get to the magic 100 recipes mark, I think I should make them special. So join me to countdown to number 100!

Update: 05/14/2012 While this happening I am planning to put the final touches to the new site.

96. Strawberry Shortcakes – A tribute to my second home Florida!
97. Tempeh cake – A dedication to two of my best friends. A tribute to one of the best foods ever made.
98. Rakitini – A cocktail that combines three ingredients of my island: Tsikoudia (a local spirit), cucumber and thyme.
99. Cured Olives – My grandmother’s olives
100. My Mom’s Cheece Pie (tyropita) – For the top recipe my mom! The best cook I ever met!

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Big news and awakening!

The last entry was on January 29th of 2010. Since then a lot of thing changed, a lot of things happened. Most notably I moved to Boston, MA. Yes. It is true! Back to the USA. Good old US of A. I plan to restart blogging again, now that I live by myself and have the luxury of cooking without annoying anyone… or being annoyed. This is a tease. While my kitchen is taking shape and organized have a look at the old favorites.

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Happy New Year!

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Back to Blogging

After the biggest break this blog has seen I am back to the blog-sphere. I have started by enriching some of the newest additions (the Gadgets and the Eateries sections) and also I am continuing the transformation of the old blog, by bringing the old post to this one. I am also working on what is required to have this on a dedicated server under the name Food-Mechanics(.com or .org or both). I have added sections where the casual user (you) will be able to describe their own favorite place and their own gadget. There are a lot more coming this way and I am excited. The blog is growing bigger and bigger. Currently Facebook is the major source of publicity. Please share and spread the word! New recipes never before seen are also put together and soon we will be back in action. I cannot hide the excitement!!! Can I?

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The New Blog

After long time of running this blog I decided it is time for independence. It is much more than my personal page. It is a blog that has to offer a serious opinion to the reader and teach a new idea about food. I am now slowly transition to a new blog that will soon have its own domain name. Please take some time to help me make it better.

  • Post a comment on what you want to see in the blog
  • Suggest sections you like to see other than recipes, gadgets and restaurant critique.
  • Decided which one you liked better

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Taking a Break

Well I have no time to cook and just putting here recipes with no moral to be learnt is pointless. There are millions of recipes on the web. Look there. Here we try to see cooking from the bottom up and not from the top down. We start with the understanding of the fundamentals and build on them. So I will take officially sometime of and I will return with more experiences.

Enjoy a hot cup of coffee (or more) the mean time!

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