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Mudslide Cookie

The coffeeshop right next to my work has a very tasty treat. It is called the mudslide cookie, and it is the fusion of chocolate with chocolate in a chocolate envelope. What I am saying is that that particular cookie, has so much chocolate that really gives you the idea of the mud. The bad thing is that it is a very popular treat, and it is gone probably by 10:00, the time I usually show up for coffee. So I was wondering how can I make them.

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Heart Warming Sider

It is the fall, and even here in warm florida (well at least at the north part) it feels cold. It is the fall, and in the fall a heart and gut warming drink can do more good than any food. I am not suggesting to drink only, and don ‘t eat but I hope you get the point. So any way. To get cozy and warm let ‘s get a clue from from our friends in the north, far north that it is. New York (the state not the city) where apples are the most important crop of the year. 

Up there th...

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A Slice of Heaven

IMG_0726This is Sophie. Sophie was, and still is, at the registration front desk at my work. I met her almost 6 years ago when I first went to that building as a graduate student to use some of the equipment there. She is an amazing person, and being Polish and therefore a foreigner in this country she bonds very well with other foreigners just like me. I was very happy Sophie was there when I got a job at that building. She stayed with us, for a couple of months and then one days she didn ‘t come back. Soon after I heard she had a battle with cancer, Leukemia, that is trying to claim her life.

Two y...

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Celeriac Pureé: Oh Sweet Mashers

I was, and still am, among the people that don ‘t like celery. I eat it, when it come across in my plate, in chicken salad or as a side with wings, but I am not a fan of it. It is not the taste, I love the celerian taste. I add bits of celery seeds in every dish, or even eat them like that. I just hate the fibrous texture of celery stocks. It gets stack in between my teeth, and becomes very annoying. I remember my college roommate Pete, to put the peanut butter and raisins eat it and although I wanted to try it that texture of the fiber never made me love it. But for all of us, the celery texture haters, don ‘t despair there is a great way to enjoy the celery taste without the fibers. Nope. Not the celery seeds, the celery root or celeriac. One of the ugliest roots ever!!!

Celeriac (Ap...

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A Dish that is Santorini

When most greeks when they hear Santorini, think of the historic island of Greece, that one of the biggest volcanic eruptions recorded in human history. The one that destroyed the Minoan civilization. On the other hand, foreigners that hear Santorini, think of the island of the sun, the fun, the girls, the weather the sunset. Especially the last one was voted, as the best sunset on the world. One of the characteristics of the island, however, is the very dry and hot climate during the summer time. 

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Meeting the Grill

Grilling is one of the most primitive forms of cooking. Well it was not always called grilling, but although we have evolved, and along side our cooking techniques, this particularly has changed very little. It still involves the three key ingredients: Fire, Meat, Time. We changed the raw wood fire to charcoal and gas, but the idea is still the same. We added new meats to the party, but the we still seek the same satisfaction. And we might, have less time to cook, but when the grill fires up, we have the time just stops.

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