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Smokey Bandit!

When I think if America I think of Cowboys. I know America is so much more than just cowboys, but the cowboys are the poster boys of America. Maybe it is the cigaret commercials, maybe it is because of the hundreds of cowboy movies, maybe it is the iconic cowboy hat. As kid a used to imagine the cowboys not as the people that manage herds of cattle, but as people that were roaming the country looking for a saloon to get some whiskey and if possible pick up some trouble, pick up a gun fight and even steal a kiss. Yeah. To my childish eyes that was what a cowboy was. A guy with tough looks, soul piercing eyes, rough hands and the smell of smoke, gunpowder and whiskey follow him around. So this cocktail is just a tribute to my childhood heroes.

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Site Upgrade

The site for me is not just about the food. It represented another hobby of mine, the website development. I am hobbyist with small knowledge of programming, but the site gives me the opportunity to be up-to-date with all the new trends. I recently had some time to jump in the wagon of recipe-ing my blog. Making an easy to print, easy to read recipe condensed in a small recipe card. I am also very pleased to announce another great addition to my website: the integration of the amazing features of kitchen bug. What is kitchenbug? Watch the following video for the introduction.

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Lavender Rosemary Lemon cookies

In this blog I don't usually make deserts. But when we do, they are amazing. Today I chose to make a simple cookie with big character. Cookies are not just a baked good that we eat. Making cookies is just a part of the process that makes a house a home. The moment the air is filled with the amazing aroma of the baked goods that is based on butter herbs and spices it becomes so much more homey, familiar and inviting. In this attempt I am making a somewhat odd, but familiar combination. I am inspired from the spring that finally decided to dawn up on us after a long and cold winter. I blend the aroma of spring herbs like rosemary, lavender and lemon to a cookie that has a mould texture and crumbly appearance.

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