ICO 10pcs Nitrogen Cartridges N2 Cartridges for Coffee Beer Cold Brew Nitro


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Nitrogen cartridges fully compatible with all types of whipped cream dispensers. Great for cold brew coffee that needs the extra bust of Nitrogen. It works great for tea and a beer as well. Give that IPA the extra boost of fuzziness.

  • YOUR OWN NITRO COLD BREW COFFEE – Use the ICO N2 Nitrogen Cartridges to make your own Nitro Cold Brew at home with a simple whipped cream dispenser! What can be better than that! Infuse your cold brew coffee to elevate the flavor profile of your coffee, increase sweetness, and create a creamy finish without adding calories every single time!
  • UNPARALLELED QUALITY- Professional food-grade quality of pure nitrogen chargers for an impressively creamy and smooth nitro cold brew or nitro-infuse beverage.
  • 10-PACK OF NITRO GOODNESS – We offer a set of 10 2g N2 pure nitrogen chargers per pack. Remember that for Nitrogen-infused beverages 2g Nitrogen N2 chargers is always the better choice over 8g Nitrous Oxide N2O chargers.
  • COMPACT CONVENIENCE – Our N2 chargers are a great compact alternative to nitrogen tanks. These N2 cartridges are ready to use in your home kitchen, restaurant, or coffee shop!
  • NITRO-INFUSE DIFFERENT BEVERAGES – Use ICO N2 chargers to infuse nitrogen into beverages to produce a rich, silky, luxurious texture and a thick and creamy foam head. Transform not only cold brew coffee but beers, teas, and cocktails! Nitrogen enhances the taste and mouthfeel of stouts and ales, and nitrogen-infusions are one of the latest trends in tea.