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The New Blog

After long time of running this blog I decided it is time for independence. It is much more than my personal page. It is a blog that has to offer a serious opinion to the reader and teach a new idea about food. I am now slowly transition to a new blog that will soon have its own domain name. Please take some time to help me make it better.

  • Post a comment on what you want to see in the blog
  • Suggest sections you like to see other than recipes, gadgets and restaurant critique.
  • Decided which one you liked better

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Microplane Grater

Graters have been around for very long time, and are very useful in the kitchen for grating everything from cheese and spices to garlic and potatoes. Although there are many different types of graters their shape has not change since its inception. They are either box or flat, maid with metal (or some newer models with plastic) with raised scales that are sharp and actually are doing the grating. The quality of the grater depends upon these scales. How sharp they are and how well they maintain their shape.

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Cutting Edge: The Knives – Part I

Knives and cutlery in general, is the most essential thing, after food, in every cuisine. It is the one item that is used to clean, prep, portion and in some older times, to catch the food to be. Nowadays the innovation, sophistication, marketing and engineering has given us a huge selection of knives of many different shapes and sizes and thy have achieved the unachievable, to distract the buyer from the actual knife to the esthetics which although welcome they are not the primary objective. In this tow part series I will try to give the fundamentals to help someone choose the knife that he/she needs with major guide the ergonomics and the usability. In the first part we will focus on the manufacturing of the knife including the anatomy and sharpening/honing, while on the second we will focus on the specialty knives and the applications.

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