It’s been a while

The last post on this blog (before this one i mean) was posted in March 18th 2015 and it was a cocktail (A Tsikoudia Cocktail: Bloddy Mario). Since then two years went by without any posts or updates. As a matter of fact the website went down for months before I figured out that there was a problem. Why? Well life happened. My job became much more demanding and the time required for the updates is not there any more. A recipe takes pretty much the whole day just to make it and shoot it. After that it is all the writing and editing. It is a two full days of work. Sharing my time between Boston, where I work, and New york, where my wife lives (yes! I also got married) really leaves not time for new recipes.

During these two years, I have dug deeper in the science of food, learned a tone more from chefs and mixologist, and developed new recipes. Many great dishes that I hope sometime I will have the time to post on the blog. I haven’t abandoned this blog though. I do care about it and I hope I will be able to get back to it soon. As I learned a lot more about WordPress, while developing other sites, I am spending some time simplifying and upgrading this site, with the hope that if I keep it alive for a few more months I will be able to get back on it.

I am always looking for people who would like to help with the spelling and editing (I am notorious for bad spelling and grammar) and maybe finish the transition from one site to the other (yes, the old site is still live and supplies the images for this site).

Have the best of time cooking, earning and eating.


Last modified: December 16, 2021 by Georgios Pyrgiotakis