2 Pack Wide Mouth Mason Jar Flip Cap Lids with Handle


The genuine Japan made Hario filters fitted the V60 cone fits properly and has enough room for the water without danger of overflowing. The water flowed through more evenly, and they did not impart a nasty grassy taint to the coffee flavor. No nasty paper taste and no tiny gritty coffee particles make it through.

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These wide mouth mason jar flip cap lids are easy to screw on, provide a leak-proof seal, and feature a convenient handle for easy carrying. Since the lids locks into place when opened, you don’t have to worry about it swinging forward toward your face. With two colors, the lids will also add easy organization to your kitchen. The lids work with wide-mouth mason jars that you can use for cold beverages like iced coffee or mixable concoctions like salad dressings, turning your mason jars into pitchers.

  • Canning lids use with wide mouth mason jars to take some food on the go or storage food like beans and oatmeal in your pantry, flip cap good for pouring liquid and used with straw to drinking lemonade, milk, yogurt.
  • To ensure a good seal, the design of pour cap is a bit tight and may not easy to open, it will easy to open after using times. Mason jar lids with removable silicone gasket provide a secure seal to leak proof, easy to use, simply screw the lid on jar and then press flip cap hard for leak-proof. The airtight seal keeps your food fresh.
  • The wide mouth mason jar flip cap lids with handle are tightly screwed on mason jars, will never fall off while you are pouring, suitable for ball mason jars and other wide mouth mason jars, but not fit regular mouth mason jars.