Salsa Shots

You probably saw the other two recipes on salsa. They are very good but done again and again. Not of course with the same flare but done never the less. However I discovered something astonishing. While I was sipping down the tequila with the tomato salsa, I figured that the salsa tasted better when the tequila was in the mix. So I got this strange idea to try a salsa shot. How? Just make the tomato or mango-pineapple salsa as is described before. Once you left them in the refrigerator for a while spoon out some of the juice that came out.


Here are both the tomato and the mango-pineapple salsa juice. They are half way full. Well more like 3/5s full. I don ‘t know if you noticed but I have extra cool Pink Panther shot glasses.


Fill them with tequila…


Luscious and strong agave tequila.


Garnish with a lime wedge.


And enjoy… This is the best appetizer shot… AMAZING… Well you need to try to know it. I did… And I know.

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Last modified: November 27, 2013 by Georgios Pyrgiotakis