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Cretan Diet I: Green Salad

The last few years there is a big buzz about the health benefit of the Mediterranean with Unesco the agent for the national and international heritage recognizing the Mediterranean diet as a distinct way of dieting and nutritional habits. The text of the announcement is not really related to the specific eating habits since the these are completely different between the various Mediterranean culture. It is mostly related to the way of cooking and the general eating habits rather the ingredients. The eating habits include the large consumption of vegetables, little meat, many grains, and a distinct touch of olive oil. The recipes are passed from one generation to the other, among the special bond between mother and daughter. However from one culture to the other there are many different aspects that change completely the ingredients and the methods of cooking making each culture completely distinctive from the others.

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Barney Greengrass – New York, NY, USA

New York is the one place on earth that the largest number of cultures are meeting, fusing and mingling producing different culture that is should not really called a melting pot; it resemble more a tossed salad. Something that looks nice together, taste great but you can still occaasionally get a tatse of the individual ingredients. And this makes New York City a great culinary destination. You can get everything your heart desires, from the typical Italian to the Ethiopian, Nepalese, Greek. But if there are the two more dominant culinary cultures are the Italian and the Jewish. And there are many different Jewish little jewels but there is one that is interesting because of what it is offering specialized in sturgeon. And so it is the sturgeon king of New York, NY.

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