Daily Archives November 11, 2010

Back to Blogging

After the biggest break this blog has seen I am back to the blog-sphere. I have started by enriching some of the newest additions (the Gadgets and the Eateries sections) and also I am continuing the transformation of the old blog, by bringing the old post to this one. I am also working on what is required to have this on a dedicated server under the name Food-Mechanics(.com or .org or both). I have added sections where the casual user (you) will be able to describe their own favorite place and their own gadget. There are a lot more coming this way and I am excited. The blog is growing bigger and bigger. Currently Facebook is the major source of publicity. Please share and spread the word! New recipes never before seen are also put together and soon we will be back in action. I cannot hide the excitement!!! Can I?

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Περί Ορέξεως – Peri Orexeos – Heraklion, Crete, Greece

The food and the cuisine of a culture is very easily depicted in small restaurants and shacks that the locals know. They usually don't care about the appearance of the food, just the quality and the price. When however the food is offered in a more "gourmet" way it is a challenge. You have to overcome the stables and add perspective in dishes that have been around for decades or even centuries. This is not easily achieved, and only some very talented chefs can present the same food in a new way. Unfortunately this comes with a price... A very high price indeed. This is specially true for greek cuisine. The major challenge with greek food is not the food but the greeks themselves. A culture that has been kept isolated from international influences due to the very small emigration currents. It is therefore almost mandatory to stick to the local ingredients, techniques and methods. To overcome these without offending the local taste palette it is hard.

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