Real Thoughts on Food

So I haven ‘t written anything a two months. So what is the deal about it? I know you wonder… Well you don ‘t but I just thing you should know prior to the wondering. I took the time that I went to Greece to take a break, but more important, to study the food of Greece.Not study in depth of course, but learn about it. See food is the one thing that unites people. Knowing your food heritage, is knowing yourself.  Many times when I meet someone new and food conversations are ideal to break the ice.

I watched again and again my mom and grandmother cooking, and baking the same recipes for millionth time. But this time I had a different perspective about food. I could tell every step why it was made and what was the purpose of every ingredient. I engage in a huge discussion with my grandmother, about the ash-water an important element of the old school baking. My grandmother is using in in melomakarouna. Melomakarouna, although is a different post on its on, it is basically a cookie dipped in a rich honey syrup. The use of ash water, is substituting for soda that makes things crunchy. Ash being basic will result in the same crunch. I tried my idea and worked…

The one thing that amazes me though is how the heck the old school housewife and cooke new about the ash water. How did the refined it down to the exact procedures… To big of an idea to fit into my mind… TO DARN BIG… Similar to the wasabi that has disinfecting properties, and is consumed with raw fish.

Food is the one discovery that is driven by need but has a evolved to science, to art and to philosophy… True, amazing idea… And pretty good tasting too…

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